Friday, September 29, 2006

M-2 Duff's Bluff

M-2 Duff's Bluff Posted by Picasa

This one was slightly hard, but only because I haven't yet figured out an easy way to do the x shaped middle part, which sucks because there's quite a few of those in the DJ blocks. And there was a bit of 'lining up' which resulted in me unpicking just one little bit. I'm happy with this block though, out of all the things that could go wrong, nothing did and it lined up kinda nicely. =)

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M-12 Hopscotch

M-12 Hopscotch Posted by Picasa

I'm so far behind in my DJ! Last month I only completed one, this month I've just completed two blocks. So much for my 2-per-week goals. =/ I've been home alone all week too, so I really should have gotten more completed. But these two only took a little while to sew, so I'm lucky about that. Hopefully I should pump out more this weekend. =D

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