Sunday, October 22, 2006

A-2 One - Two Buckle My Shoe Revised

A-2 One - Two Buckle My Shoe Revised Posted by Picasa

I'm not sure if I see a massive improvement between the first attempt at this block (see an earlier post) and the second attempt. I know this time that my block lined up better, but it's still slightly off. Maybe this block is cursed? I even pinned this one and it still didn't turn out perfectly. At least only one point is massively off and the others all look better. Does it really look that bad and obvious? Can anyone tell where I goofed? Maybe I just don't like it because there's not enough purple and it was hard. =P

I'm not counting this in the count, as I just pulled apart and re-did the earlier one.

Mum's Jane: 25/0/0/506

J-2 Picture Perfect

J-2 Picture Perfect Posted by Picasa

I made Silver! That means I've hit my first milestone, 25 blocks! Now when I hit 50 I become Gold...

It wasn't until I looked at my bingo board that I realised I have two on point diamonds on top of each other. This one was kind of funny too, but I'm not changing it. I like it how it is. I had to make my seams smaller for it to work, but luckily (somehow) everything lined up without pinning. This was kind of an oddball block, but it was easy, so I'm leaving it.

Mum's Jane: 25/0/0/506

K-13 Brandon's Star

K-13 Brandon's Star Posted by Picasa

This is one of my favourite blocks, just because it looks so nice. And it has a 9-patch too. It went together quickly and easily, which I love.

It wasn't until after the block was done that I realised there were geese units. I really don't mind it either. My pieces count went up! I'm also more fond of the purple fabric so I'm glad that in this block it's the more dominant fabric. Hooray for stars, as they are such pretty blocks!

Mum's Jane: 24/0/0/491

Sunday, October 15, 2006

H-13 Farm Fields

H-13 Farm Fields Posted by Picasa

This block was my first H block. It was fairly easy to sew and press. But I did have to pin this one because the lines didn't match up at first. It was easy and fast to unpick though and I got it right the next time.

Last time I didn't have much time to sew, but I had plenty of time to cut. I've cut out my next two blocks, so the next time I update this I should have 25 blocks complete! A small milestone, but still a milestone nonetheless. After I reach that, I only (LOL) have 200 patterns to go before the quilt is complete. Hooray for progress!

Mum's Jane: 23/0/0/462

M-5 Mother's Point

M-5 Mother's Point Posted by Picasa

I feel cheeky updating this now... Mum's just in the other room and I'm talking to her as I'm typing this while she's playing a video game. She's so cute.

This block was another 'yummy' block, where the pattern contrasts the fabric nicely. It went together really quickly and pressed nice and flat. The only picky bit I have with it, is that the line connecting the 4 quarters is a little off. But oh well! I like the name of this block too. Kinda fits the purpose of the quilt.

Mum's Jane: 22/0/0/455

K-3 Seven Sisters

K-3 Seven Sisters Posted by Picasa

This was another 9-patch. See it in the middle? I thought, "Oh, straight lines, this can't be hard" but I totally forgot about how damn small the pieces are! This, as a result, was 'seam heavy' and didn't want to be pressed. I 'beat it into submission' and made the damn thing sit straight. And eventually, it worked. Yay. =)

I didn't mind this block too much, once I figured out how best to do it.

Mum's Jane: 21/0/0/441

I-2 Kaye's Courtyard

I-2 Kaye's Courtyard Posted by Picasa

See how nice 9-patches are? I found another one, which luckily was quite large. And I think it looks really good with how it's set out on-point with the triangles. This block actually pressed very well too, when I thought it wouldn't. So yay for the block behaving itself!

When I first thought about starting Jane and was asking questions to the 'goddesses' that had finished the quilt, several told me to pick fabrics that I could stare at for more than 5 years. I love the contrast between the purple and cream, and it reminds me of blueberry muffins. It doesn't help that whenever I finish a block I get hungry for muffins, but it is a yummy combination. And I'm lucky with the fact that I can pick any block to do and not need to identify which 'colour' it's meant to be, like Jane's original quilt. My quilt only has three colours, so yay for me. =)

Mum's Jane: 20/0/0/412

I-3 Family Album

I-3 Family Album Posted by Picasa

All I can say about this block is LOL. And I don't care. This looks like a family album made by kindy kids. The lines aren't straight, the block never pressed flat because my seams weren't perfect 1/4", but you know what? They never will be. Maybe it's old fashioned to display 'humility', but this quilt is teaching me not to be a perfectionist!

On the other hand, I have started ripping up my A-2 (see the post in the archives). As I have all my blocks lying in a pile in the order that they go in the quilt, A-2 was constantly staring at me. And I couldn't handle things being that far off. I believe I can do a much better job with that block, even though you can't be perfect with this quilt. Jane wasn't perfect, so why should I be? The answer, of course, is now that I've insulted a civil war quilting genius, I'm probably going to be haunted, and the reason why I should be perfect is because this isn't my quilt, it's mum's quilt. I'm making it for her. But I've come to reason with 'perfect'. No one should try to be 'perfect', but we should all try to be 'better'. Aww, Jane's taught me a new philosophy.

Mum's Jane: 19/0/0/399

I-1 Ralph & Nelda's Wedding

I-1 Ralph & Nelda's Wedding Posted by Picasa

After looking through the book for more 'easy' blocks, I discovered there were more 9-patches than I'd originally noticed. These were easy to cut out and sew, so these were my next steps of confidence. In the last two weeks I've done 6 blocks, and I haven't really been updating like I should. That's why today I'm spending time doing all the web updates!

Like I mentioned before, 9-patches aren't hard. I don't pin as much as I should, but I've been lucky with these minatures that my points usually match up. Pinning is a last resort. This block came together quickly and nicely, which makes me like it even more! =)

Mum's Jane: 18/0/0/382

Sunday, October 01, 2006

J-7 Chicken Tracks

J-7 Chicken Tracks Posted by Picasa

Now this one I chose because the cutting plan was easy. No fussy 5/8ths or anything like that. Only pure inch squares. As I should have learnt from J-6, small pieces means bulky seams. But I must have been lucky yesterday as this one actually wanted to sit flat too. Things were lining up more than not and it came together very fast. I had no problems with it. I think this is the first pair that I've got next to each other.

Unfortunately for me, my family gets back tonight, so I barely got to catch up on my DJ like I'd originally planned. But, on the bright side, 4 is better than none. In a few weeks time, uni has finished for the year, so hopefully more blocks will be pushed out over my very long break.

Mum's Jane: 17/0/0/362

J-6 Granny Weaver

J-6 Granny Weaver Posted by Picasa

This one I chose because it looked quick and easy, straight seams, with no triangles. Well, it was easy to sew. What wasn't easy was the pressing. It looked like it wasn't going to sit flat. But somehow, by some strange miracle, it actually did. I have it sitting in a pile with my other completed blocks so that should straighten it out even more. The 1-inch block 9-patch in the center was a bit bulky, but everything lined up and matched so I'm not complaining!

Mum's Jane: 16/0/0/321