Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How I store my blocks

Block Storage

This little plastic case was holding several pairs of panties that I bought a while ago. I figured that seeing as the width was perfect, I'd store my blocks here. It's getting rather full at only 27 blocks, so I might have to go shopping for a new storage place soon!

I decided to post a picture of this as I've been asked a few times how I store my blocks. If and when the block storage changes, I'll update again.

The First 25 Blocks - Silver

The first 25.

This is just a photo I took to immortalise the 25 blocks I finished first. It's a bit of a wonky photo as it was taken by me standing on my bed. They were in order, but the photo was flipped so they're on the side. See how cute my babies all look together?

B-1 Bachelor's Buttons

B-1 Bachelor's Buttons

My second needleturn applique piece turned out better than the first, which was good. I kinda cheated as it wasn't solely needleturn- I wrapped the fabric around a circle template (the same way baubles are made) and laid it flat and stiched around it, leaving enough of a gap to pull the paper through. I'm not unhappy with this block at all. I eyeballed the placement of the circles and they turned out really good. I'm actually proud of this one.

Mum's Jane: 27/0/0/516

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A-3 Hunter's Moon

A-3 Hunter's Moon Posted by Picasa

Now this... I can't even think of words to describe this. The stitches (done in the wrong colour, mind you! They were meant to match the top applique piece, not the background!) are tiny and uneven, the shapes are all odd and the only good thing about this block is that it sort of resembles the original pattern.

It only took me about a month to complete this block (well, it only took a few days. It's been exactly a month since the last completed block.) Over a few nights I kept seeing this in my dreams, but this was my first ever needleturn applique piece, and it was my first ever attempt at applique. So for a first effort, this is something I can live with. Oh, and the pen I used to mark the fabric washed off in water instantly, which was a good thing as I had forgotten to test it. I was getting better as I went with the points, and I realised from the start that I will never get this block perfect. I showed mum this and she agreed that it looked fairly crappy, but then she said "Well, applique is hard..." and I finished her off by saying "I'm never doing applique again!" Little does she know, there's more applique that I will do, just she won't see it for a few more years!

Mum's Jane: 26/0/0/511