Saturday, December 06, 2008

And we're back!

And I'm reviving my old Jane Blog.

I've recently rejoined the DJ mailing list after being away for over a year, now that I've picked up mum's Jane again. I still have two years left until she's 50 so I can still make it!! I've missed all the wonderful women on that list, and as always, they are a constant source of encouragement and help. I say this because I've bought a special fabric stash reserved for my own Jane, that I will be starting this weekend.

Mum found out about her quilt while we were moving my room around to make way for a new bed, and seeing what I was doing brought tears to her eyes. Then after she got over that, she demanded that I let her make a block, so I gave her J-4, Jane's Tears. Two weeks ago I managed to do another block as well, but I'll post that soon.

My own Jane will be foundation pieced, and the wonderful list helped me find very good instructions online, even telling me that the DJ software has tons of foundation piecing patterns! I've found a website that sells it in Melbourne that I'm putting mum on to for my Christmas presents.

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to a wonderful candy fabric store named GJ's and bought enough fabric to start my yummy quilt. When they didn't have enough of the tone-on-tone cream that I liked, I looked at Dan and pouted and he sighed, walking off and returning with a much fuller bolt of even better creamy fabric. I love him, he has wonderful taste!

Anyway, stay tuned because I will not drop off the face of the earth this time... LOL


Anna said...

OH my goodness, Fiona, I love your DJ blocks and both of your blogs! You're truly blessed to have a boyfriend that love to do stuff like that and he is truly blessed to learn from you. You have my great admiration! I know a few of our DJ'ers' husbands who loves doing those things with their wives. both sure have alot of basting of hexagons to do! What is the color theme have you both chosen for it? May you both be blessed with all the skills and perhap a growing business to do quilting for others with the longarms...Much blessings ~ anna banana in indiana

Anonymous said...

Disappeared again :(