Sunday, August 06, 2006

G-2 Mohawk's Trail

G-2 Mohawk's Trail Posted by Picasa

This was the first time I tried pinning my triangles before sewing them. Needless to say I loved the results because the block actually came out the right size! I'm relatively happy with how my points joined up too, some are off but you can't really tell. I'm slowly starting to get over this perfectionism and realising that finished is better than perfect! I have two more blocks cut out and ready to piece, I just couldn't get them done because mum went to an engagement party and I was unsure when she was going to get home. I'll probably get them done on Monday when mum goes to play tennis in the morning.

I showed dad and he said "Haven't you made a quilt like that already?" He got confused because I've shown him so many blocks. LOL

Mum's Jane: 13/0/0/256

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