Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A-2 One - Two Buckle My Shoe

A-2 One - Two Buckle My Shoe Posted by Picasa

Now this... was a piece of work. LOL It frustrated me from the start. I got better at my Geese, but I think I rushed it a bit and wasn't careful with my seams, hence why they didn't match up. I tested it against my brother, standing at a distance I asked "Can you see anything wrong with this?" And he looked blank, stared, then finally answered "No." "So it's not obvious that it doesn't join up?" He shrugged and said he didn't notice. It's position on the quilt, top left corner, means it'd be in the overhang on the bed. It may not be so obvious. But, if worst comes to worst, I can always take it apart and redo it when I'm going over all my finished blocks. For now, this is good enough for me. =)

Mum's Jane: 12/0/0/228

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SheMeows said...

Hello from a Dear Jane goddess :)
Wonderful progress on your blocks! Your mother is a very lucky lady indeed, it will be a quilt she'll cherish. Keep up the great job and best of luck with the rest of blocks.