Sunday, October 15, 2006

M-5 Mother's Point

M-5 Mother's Point Posted by Picasa

I feel cheeky updating this now... Mum's just in the other room and I'm talking to her as I'm typing this while she's playing a video game. She's so cute.

This block was another 'yummy' block, where the pattern contrasts the fabric nicely. It went together really quickly and pressed nice and flat. The only picky bit I have with it, is that the line connecting the 4 quarters is a little off. But oh well! I like the name of this block too. Kinda fits the purpose of the quilt.

Mum's Jane: 22/0/0/455

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Raven said...

I know you don't know me, but in my case, a random person's kindness or even interest in me gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. So I just want to say that your progress on this quilt is inspiring and I find it very touching to see someone go through so much work for one they love. Keep up the work.