Sunday, October 01, 2006

J-7 Chicken Tracks

J-7 Chicken Tracks Posted by Picasa

Now this one I chose because the cutting plan was easy. No fussy 5/8ths or anything like that. Only pure inch squares. As I should have learnt from J-6, small pieces means bulky seams. But I must have been lucky yesterday as this one actually wanted to sit flat too. Things were lining up more than not and it came together very fast. I had no problems with it. I think this is the first pair that I've got next to each other.

Unfortunately for me, my family gets back tonight, so I barely got to catch up on my DJ like I'd originally planned. But, on the bright side, 4 is better than none. In a few weeks time, uni has finished for the year, so hopefully more blocks will be pushed out over my very long break.

Mum's Jane: 17/0/0/362

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