Sunday, October 22, 2006

A-2 One - Two Buckle My Shoe Revised

A-2 One - Two Buckle My Shoe Revised Posted by Picasa

I'm not sure if I see a massive improvement between the first attempt at this block (see an earlier post) and the second attempt. I know this time that my block lined up better, but it's still slightly off. Maybe this block is cursed? I even pinned this one and it still didn't turn out perfectly. At least only one point is massively off and the others all look better. Does it really look that bad and obvious? Can anyone tell where I goofed? Maybe I just don't like it because there's not enough purple and it was hard. =P

I'm not counting this in the count, as I just pulled apart and re-did the earlier one.

Mum's Jane: 25/0/0/506

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Pam said...

I found your blog through the Dear Jane Digest.

I think it looks great. It is a hard block.

Once they are all together, no one will notice a little point here and there not matching. Remember what they say - "finished is better than perfect"