Monday, July 17, 2006

C-3 Rayelle's Fence

C-3 Rayelle's Fence Posted by Picasa

I managed to complete three blocks this week. It would have been 4 if mum went out with dad on Saturday night, but she didn't so I had an hour only to sew while she took my brother to his basketball game. She was out on Thursday night though for a few hours and I managed to do a lot of cutting. In total I cut out 8 blocks. I was piecing B-13 Four Corner Press, and after finishing that and Rayelle's Fence, I realised that I massively screwed up B-13, it was a whole inch bigger than it was meant to be. So I unpicked it, trimmed it, then stitched it right today. Rayelle's Fence was one of the blocks I cut on Thursday, but it was sewn on Saturday night. I finished sewing C-12 Family Reunion and B-13 today. I nearly finished C-1, Trooper Green's Badge, but that one had seams that were way off, so that will need to be unpicked too, so I can finish that next time. I still managed to get three done this week, so I'm still on the right track. And yes, I didn't do any triangles, I'll do my first triangle when I hit 50 blocks.

Mum's Jane: 6/0/0/77

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