Saturday, July 08, 2006

Oh noes... Mum saw!

Last Thursday, mum saw the first two blocks! What happened was, I was scanning them on the computer, and I can't use Photoshop to save my life, but my brother can. I was screaming for him to come help me, but mum assumed that I wanted him to see something, and she wanted to see what I was showing him. To put it short, I couldn't close the browser in time and she saw the scans. =/

She thought it was very pretty, so I decided to show her the blocks, stating clearly that it was a colour experiment (seeing how well cream and purple goes together) and I only made simple blocks for this purpose, and that I wasn't going to make anymore. Just in case she got suspicious, I also told her 'coincidentally' that the two blocks are old patterns because I found them in the Jane quilt. I don't think she put two and two together, because she asked if 'card trick', our first block we ever made, was also in the Jane quilt. When I told her it wasn't, she said it must not be that old. I doubt Jane would have tried to get every block pattern into her sampler quilt that was around at that time, but I was glad for the diversion and left it as is. She did sneak in a comment that the purple and cream would look very nice in her room, and that it was a pity I didn't have more of the purple fabric (she overheard me complaining to dad that I couldn't find it anymore) so that we could have made her a big bed quilt. I think I've confused her enough to throw her off. =)

I think I'm safe, as long as she doesn't see anymore blocks. So from now on, even the scanning will be done when she's not home.

I've spent the last few hours writing down a cutting chart for the next 5 blocks I'm going to sew. Hopefully I should have a triangle completed by then too. =)

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