Sunday, July 09, 2006

L-5 Chattanooga Charlie

L-5 Chattanooga Charlie Posted by Picasa

I liked this block because sewing smaller triangles is something I haven't really done yet. I'm gradually dipping my feet into the water. This was what I considered my 'challenging block', although it came together pretty easily. Cutting wasn't a problem and I've now remembered by heart the half-square triangle rule: add 7/8ths. Works like a charm. Sewing was a bit distorted because the triangles kept wanting to run away from each other, but at least it's finished! Finished is better than perfect. I can see why this is the DJ mantra. =P

After finishing this block, my 5th block, the plan is to do my first blue triangle. For every 5 blocks, a triangle will be done. Now I just need to find an easy triangle! Oh, and I exceeded my weekly quota, I was aiming to get only 2 done per week, but this week I conquered 3. Go me.

Mum's Jane: 5/0/0/52

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