Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cutting Night & Change of Plans

Tonight I didn't get any sewing done, because I didn't have enough time. It would have been too risky because I wasn't sure how long mum would be out. But, I did cut out another three blocks which I shall sew on Saturday night when mum and dad go out again. I need to draft more pieced blocks and cut them out, as I find that this is the step that is taking the longest.

My plan may slightly need to be changed. There are no 'easy' triangles. There are enough challenging blocks without having to deal with the triangles yet, too many curves and uneven triangles. So instead of tackling a triangle at each 5 blocks, I will just stick to the blocks. =) Hence why I just cut out 3 more blocks. I keep looking for 'easy' ones to boost my confidence, and have found heaps. Enough to keep me happy for a while longer.

I have started making a booklet to go with the quilt. It's in pearl cream and pearl purple paper, that will be a journal while I make the quilt, showing small pictures of each block. I'll get it all laminated and bound. I figure that it's fine if mum knows about the quilt, which I'm sure she suspects, but she won't know about the journal. Hopefully my thoughts while making the quilt will be more valuable to her. It'll be a nice companion to the quilt as well, and will give my descendants knowledge about why I made the quilt. This is something I believe all quilters wished Jane did. I would have loved to know what she though of each block as she made it.

I go back to university this Monday. I'm hoping that I can juggle the DJ and stay focused. I shouldn't find it too hard, it's just a matter of good time management. =)

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Diane Jane said...

I am a Dear Janer also and love coming to your web sites and see what new thing s you have accomplished. Everything looks great! I know I said it before, but, your mum is lucky! She will love the journal you are also doing at the same time. I am leaving today for a DJ retreat with my LQS. The funny part is I will be staying in the dorm where my dd lived last year at her college!
Happy quilting!
Diane Jane in Minnesota where it is hot and dry
"What would Jane do?"